Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of Lansing residents through the preservation and improvement of the housing stock by assuring safe, decent, and sanitary housing while conserving the integrity of Lansing neighborhoods.

About Code Enforcement

It is through the dedicated efforts of the fourteen full-time and two part-time staff members, working in conjunction with neighborhood organizations and in cooperation with numerous other agencies, that we are able to accomplish our objectives and work to strengthen our neighborhoods.

All information contained on this website provides a brief overview of the activities and requirements as set forth in the City of Lansing Housing and Premises Code. Please refer to the code for complete details under Title 6: Housing.

Learn More About...

  1. Code Enforcement Housing Portal

    The Code Enforcement Housing Portal can be searched by building permit, code enforcement, certificate of enforcement (rental certification) and project.

  2. Code Enforcement Inspection District Map (PDF)

    View the Code Enforcement Inspection District Map.

  3. Community Outreach & Education

    Find Code Enforcement outreach programs, such as neighborhood meetings and groups.

  4. Forms & Fees

    Find Code Enforcement forms and fee schedules.

  5. Housing Code

    View the Building and Housing Codes for the City of Lansing.

  6. I Received a Letter...

    A letter from the Code Enforcement Section indicates violations of City ordinances have been observed on property you own or is under your control. While many citizens properly maintain their property, sometimes a letter from Code Enforcement is needed as a reminder of their responsibilities.

  7. Nuisance Inspections & Abatements

    The Code Enforcement Section is responsible for enforcing nuisance ordinances. Inspections are generated through citizen complaints or routine surveys by inspectors.

  8. Placard Types

    Learn about the different types of placards posted to premises and what they mean.

  9. Property Maintenance

    The best solution to maintaining good neighborhoods is for everyone to voluntarily comply with a standard of maintenance agreed upon by the community.

  10. Premise Violations

    View a listing of typical premises violations to be aware of.

  11. Rental Registration

    The City of Lansing has a strong interest in the maintenance and conservation of the existing and future rental housing stock. Early prevention with proactive inspections assures protection of the health, safety, and welfare of Lansing residents.

  12. Contact Us

    Find contact information for the Code Enforcement Division and its staff.