Living Green in Lansing

The City of Lansing is committed to becoming a national leader in energy conservation and the sustainable use of resources. Join us in working to improve the quality of life in Lansing by being environmentally friendly. Learn more about local "green" resources and initiatives below. 

Live Green Lansing

Live Green Lansing is a community initiative that is supported by local businesses and organizations who believe in the importance of making metro Lansing cleaner, healthier and more resilient to environmental hazards.

Capital Area Recycling and Trash (CART)

CART offers curbside, single stream recycling - meaning no sorting needs to be done by the recycler! This service is available to single family households in the City of Lansing. Commercial recycling is also available to businesses in the Lansing.

For every 1,000 tons of recyclables that Lansing collects:

  • 14,903 trees are saved 
  • 6,404,606 gallons of water are saved
  • 408,412 gallons of gasoline are saved 
  • 2,856 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions are saved