Police Reports

  1. Lansing Open Data

    The Lansing Police Department as part of the Police Data Initiative (PDI) is providing this data to improving the relationship between citizens and police at the local level through the use of data to increase transparency, build community trust, and strengthen accountability. Law enforcement agencies participating in the initiative are all working toward releasing at least three policing data sets to the public in an open data format.

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  2. Police Reports - FOIA

    Central Records administers the processing of all police reports, accident reports, criminal history checks and firearm registrations.

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  3. Traffic Crash Report

    Traffic Crash Report (UD-10) To request a copy of a Lansing Police Department Traffic Crash Report (UD-10), a written request may be submitted to the FOIA Coordinator or a Michigan Traffic Crash Report may be instantly obtained by visiting Authorized Transaction. The cost is $10. To order a Lansing Police Department Traffic Crash Report online, the date of the accident and the accident report number are required.

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