Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division performs a variety of duties and services relating to the support, management, and oversight of the Lansing Police Department. 

The Administrative Services Division is comprised of the Detention Unit, Training Unit (Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and other Employee Training), Police Policy and Procedures, Budget and Payroll, Emergency Management/Homeland Security, and the Gang Resistance, Education and Training (GREAT) Program.

​​Detention Unit – Processes and maintains care of all individuals lodged at the Lansing Lock-up.

​Training Unit – Ensures that all employees, sworn and civilian are trained according to mandated requirements and fair and impartial policing practices.

​Policy and Procedures – Responsible for the development of meaningful policies and procedures to help guide employees as they make critical law enforcement decisions.

​Budget and Payroll – Maintains fiscal and grant oversight, budget preparation and employee payroll systems. Emergency

​Management/Homeland Security Unit – This section is responsible for the planning, directing, coordinating of emergency operations and preparedness efforts.

​GREAT Program – An evidence-based gang and violence prevention program built around a school-based, law enforcement officer instructed classroom curriculum. The program is an LPD initiative intended to reduce youth violence and gang membership. ​ (See Programs to find more information about GREAT).