Driving shouldn't be the only way to get around. Public transit options can be as expansive and infrastructure dependent as a rail system or as targeted as a taxi service that provides non-drivers with rides to and from a doctor's office. Lansing is currently working on creating a blueprint for a transportation system that supports people of all ages and abilities.


  • Pedestrian Safety Workshop: a Focus on Older Adults - Designed to advance the process of creating more pedestrian friendly environments, this 90-minute online workshop equips participants with ideas for how to improve walkability in their communities. (Road Safety Academy/National Highway Transportation Safety Association/University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center)
  • Get Wheelchair Wise: a Wheelchair User’s Guide to Public Transport - With accurate information and guidance, public transportation can be a viable option for all residents – regardless of age or physical ability. This guide provides information about the infrastructure and transit safety needs of wheelchair and scooter users. (United Kingdom Department of Transportation)
  • AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit - This self-directed walk audit can take as little or as much time as desired by, say, spending 15 minutes at one busy corner or devoting several hours to documenting several roadways in a neighborhood. The survey download provides step-by-step instructions and checklists for examining intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior, public safety and more.
  • Public Transportation: lifeline for Older Adults in Rural America - Jana Lynott, a transportation expert with the AARP Public Policy Institute, discusses the lack of transportation services for rural residents who do not drive.
  • For more AARP resources on Transportation, visit their website
City of Lansing
Michigan Department of Transportation
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Tri-County Office on Aging
  • 2016 TCOA Needs Assessment - Information derived from an online and paper survey, 16 community forums and 2 public hearings.
  • Multi-Year & Annual Implementation Plan (2017-2019) - One of TCOA's goals is to ensure older adults have access to information and services to improve their ability to make an educated decision regarding their independence through improving transportation options and usability, focusing on TCOA’s consumer demographic needs. 
Barry-Eaton District, Ingham, & Mid-Michigan District Health Departments