How to Sign-Up

1. Click here to sign up for Lansing Alert Notifications.

2. You will be asked to create an account:

  • Create a Username and Password.
  • Enter a Registration Email Address. This address is used to send temporary passwords, if you forget your credentials.
  • Accept the Terms of Use by checking the box.
  • Click “Create Your Account”.

3. Complete your profile

  • After creating your username and password, you’ll be brought to a page where you can complete your profile. This is where you enter your personal information, including First Name, Last Name and Registration Email.
  • Next, you will select how you want to receive alerts.
    • Options may include
      • SMS text messages
      • Email
      • Mobile phones
      • Landlines
      • Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices

***The order you set these contact paths will be the order we will try and reach you in the event of an emergency.

  • You can register as a resident or business. Use your company name for first and last name if registering a business.

4. Enter any locations you care about

  • We send alerts based on a geographical location on a map. Insert up to five addresses for which you want to receive an alert if the location is affected by an incident or upcoming event (you will not receive any location based alerts if you do not provide a complete address).

5. Sign Up for Alerts You Care About

  • You’ll be presented with various alert subscriptions to sign up for. These could be important community alerts, transportation alerts, weather notifications, road closures and snow removal information.

6. Congratulations! Once you have finished and saved your account, you have successfully signed up.