Bacon Bean Soup

Bacon Bean Soup


1. 3-15 oz cans of northern white beans

2. 2 lbs of thick cut bacon

3. 1 cup of sweet onion

4. 1 cup of carrots

5. 1 cup of celery

6. 1 tablespoon of minced garlic

7. 4 cups of chicken broth

8. Salt and pepper


1. Cut the 2 lbs of bacon into small bites, broand and drain

2. Cut celery, carrots and onion, mix together with garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste

3. Add drained bacon, reserve a little for garnish

4. Add northern beans and chicken broth to the mix

5. Blend ⅓ of the soup in a blender, return to pot

6. Garnish top with the leftover bacon