Medical Marijuana Applicant Information

  1. Application Acceptance Update

July 1, 2019

The Phase 2 Provisioning Center Application Period is now CLOSED.    

All other types of facilities applications are still being accepted.

All applications must be submitted electronically, and the Clerk’s Office has provided the following links on the website to assist with submission.

- General Instructions

- Checklist of Documents required

- Link to Online Application

- Stakeholder All-in-One Form Packet

- Operator Employee All-in-One Form Packet

As you review the General Instructions, please note the importance of reviewing the confirmation email.

• It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure they receive a confirmation email confirming the receipt of their application. If you do NOT receive an email with a confirmation number within 24 hours it is the submitter’s responsibility to notify the Clerk’s Office in writing at

• The confirmation email will have an attachment with a list of the documents submitted. If you have submitted the wrong document prior to the deadline for provisioning center application submission or if any document you uploaded does not appear on your confirmation email, please notify the Clerk’s Office immediately in writing at

All files submitted must be in PDF format, and should be named with the document name provided on the checklist, followed by your Applicant LLC/LLP/Corp name and facility street address (i.e. Net Worth- ABC Meds- 1234 Any Street).

Applicants are strongly encouraged to compress their documents to the smallest file size possible to facilitate smooth upload and submission of the application.

The Clerk’s Office created new fillable forms for stakeholders and operator/employees. The stakeholder form includes the required Treasury and Background Investigation release forms, along with the Financial Resources and Morals, Good Order and Welfare Litigation History forms. Some of these forms require notarization prior to submission. The Operator/Employee form includes the Background Investigation release form.

Phase 2 Criteria has been updated within the confines of the Ordinance. The City Clerk will award more points for being located further away from other provisioning centers and to encourage more investment in the City both in hiring and construction. The Phase 2 criteria is available at

Applicants will have three payment options:

Option 1 – Mail a check or money order payable to the City of Lansing with Application Name, location and confirmation number using a trackable mailing service to:

                                    Lansing City Clerk’s Office

                                    Attn: Medical Marijuana Licensing

                                    124 W Michigan Ave, 9th Floor

                                    Lansing, MI 48933

Option 2 – Pay in person via check, money order, credit/debit card (subject to 3% fee) or cash:

                                    Lansing City Clerk’s Office

                                    Medical Marijuana Licensing Unit

                                    Ground Floor, Rear Entrance

                                    2500 S Washington Ave

                                    Lansing, MI 48910

Option 3 – Pay online using credit/debit card (subject to 3% fee) OR Electronic Check. The online secure payment link will be included in the confirmation email.

If after reviewing the website and you still have questions, please contact the Lansing City Clerk’s Office at 517-483-4485 and ask for either Jennifer or Deb.  You may also call 517-483-4131 and ask for Brian.

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