Walking and Biking Plan

About the Plan

The City of Lansing was the first city in Michigan to pass a Complete Streets Ordinance when the Lansing City Council approved its adoption in August of 2009. In 2011, the Public Service Department adopted the first non-motorized plan for Lansing. In 2012, a bicycle parking ordinance was passed, which requires projects going through site plan approval to provide short and long term bicycle parking.

Since the adoption of the first non-motorized (walking and biking) plan, the City has constructed:

  • Nearly 7 miles of trail
  • 9 ½ miles of bike lanes
  • 1 ½ miles of side paths
These additions bring the entire non-motorized network to over 50 miles.

Since the original plan was implemented over 5 years ago and significant changes have been made since then, now is a perfect time to get input from the community about needs and priorities for the next five years.

If you have comments or questions on Lansing’s walking and biking plan update, you can e-mail Andy Kilpatrick, Transportation Engineer, at andrew.kilpatrick@lansingmi.gov.

We Want to Hear From You

You will be able to provide the City input on the plan in multiple ways:

  • Map input – The City’s website will have a map where you can provide your input on routes you currently use, routes you’d like to use and existing barriers in the walking and biking network.
  • Bike parking locations – We will be building an on-line bike parking map for the Lansing area. You can help build the map by using your smart phone and locating any racks you see that are available to the public, whether in the public right of way or on public or private property. See the map or add a location here.
  • Comment form – Fill out a form and provide your thoughts on the plan on the Comment Form

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