Gypsy Moth Spray

Recent warming temperatures have resulted in a progression of leaf emergence and insect development. As a result of this, the City of Lansing will be implementing our gypsy moth control spray program sometime between late April and the end of May, pending the weather. Because this process is somewhat weather dependent it is difficult to isolate a specific date for the application. The areas to be treated are Potter Park, Bancroft Park, Oak Park and Moores River Park. These areas will be treated via aircraft application by Al’s Aerial Spraying of Ovid, Michigan. The product being applied is Btk or Bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki. This is a common soil bacterium that produces a toxin deadly to gypsy moth caterpillars. While not 100% specific to gypsy moth, Btk is the least toxic pesticide registered for use against gypsy moth.

Questions and concerns can be directed to the Forestry Section of the Operations and Maintenance Division of the Public Service Department by calling (517) 483-4161. 

For further information on Gypsy Moths and their history, you can read here. 

For further information on Gypsy moths: