Logo for Do1Thing

The Lansing Office of Emergency Management has been the host of the Do1Thing from its humble beginnings in 2004. Since then, Do1Thing has grown into an nationwide emergency preparedness program. Do1Thing has been translated in 13 languages, American Sign Language, Braille, and low-literacy formats. Do1Thing also has branched out to provide emergency preparedness programs for businesses.

When individuals in our community are prepared, emergency responders can help more people when disasters strike. The Do 1 Thing program works because the unique step-by-step approach makes it easy for people to get started preparing for disasters and emergencies.The concept of Do1Thing entails doing "1thing" each month so that by the end of the year, you have a complete emergency plan. The program breaks emergency planning down into small and easy steps to help alleviate the stress of doing everything at once. Once you have finished the program, you can go back and update what you have already completed.

The City of Lansing encourages residents to become prepared for emergencies by following the program and visiting If you have specific questions about emergency preparedness, or would like to host a speaking engagement related to emergency preparedness, please call the Do1Thing office at (517)483-4561.