New! Rotary Park

In a successful attempt to activate the riverfront and create a space for citizens to enjoy for free, Rotary Park was created. Thanks to the incredible Community Foundation's fundraising, as we well as the gracious donations from both corporate and individual donors, Rotary Park has ignited the riverfront without a single tax payer dollar. Its name derived from the projects biggest sponsor, hence deeming it Rotary Park. 

Some of the incredible features that Rotary Park provides:
-  Access to the river
-  A beautiful plaza with a fire place and ambiance lighting 
-  A lighted, color-changing forest 
-  A beachfront with sand and chairs
-  A new space under the bridge, deemed "The Hub," for special events
-  A patio around the sculpture in the park, highlighting its beauty

For more info, you can check out the press release sent out by Community Foundation. Photos are to come! 

Overall, it is a great place for people to come, relax, and enjoy the riverfront.