Marijuana Microbusiness Applicant Information

  1. Application Acceptance Update

The City of Lansing is not accepting Marijuana Microbusiness applications at this time. Applications received during the 30-day period ending January 21, 2020 are currently being evaluated. Until those evaluations are complete it will be unknown if any additional application windows will be opened. 

1300.06(a)(2) The maximum number of locations for marihuana microbusinesses shall be capped at one location per ward, as defined. 

General Instructions, Checklists & Criteria

Instructions for Online General Instruction Submissions 11/13/2019

Criteria for Microbusiness - 12/17/2019

Application Checklist 12/17/2019

Online Application Submission Link - Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Other Forms 

Stakeholder All-in-One Form Packet - 11/13/2019

Operator & Employee Information All-in One Packet - 11/13/2019

Parking Calculations Form - 12/17/2019

Lansing City Map with Phase 1 Selected Provisioning Centers  8/7/2019

Additional Helpful Information

“How to Measure Zoning Distance for Marijuana Ordinance” 11/13/19
Zoning Map

Frequently Asked Questions
            LARA Phone Number: 517-284-8599

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