Sallie Mae: Paying for College Resource

Your student may only be in elementary school now, but just wait. High school will be just around the corner in no time. Preparing for your child’s future is not only important for them but for your whole family!

The Sallie Mae Paying for College Resource is a new, go-to destination to help students and families make a plan to pay for college. The resource is free, easy-to-use, and includes great information on all the important paying for college topics.

The featured video series takes families through the paying for college process. Over the course of eight short videos, learn not only what resources are available to help pay for college, but also the basics of financial aid and the questions to consider before choosing a college. Watch by topic or the entire series.

Chapter 1: Introducing resources to help pay for college

Chapter 2: How to pay for college

Chapter 3: How to find out what college really costs

Chapter 4: How to find free money for college

Chapter 5: How to fill out the FAFSA

Chapter 6: Understanding your financial aid offers

Chapter 7: What you need to know about student loans

Chapter 8: Filling financial gaps