About Public Service

The main purpose of the Public Service Department is to serve the public of the City of Lansing. The Public Service Department is comprised of multiple different divisions.

Operations & Maintenance

The Operations & Maintenance Division, which includes Capital Area Recycling & Trash (CART), is in charge of trash and recycling, maintenance of streets, sidewalks, signs, flood control and sustainable forestry and winter response.


The Engineering Division plans, designs, constructs and maintains streets, bridges, sidewalks, bike facilities, traffic signals, sewer systems and flood control systems.

Wastewater Systems

The Wastewater Systems Division collects, pumps, processes and treats the City's wastewater.

Business, Permits & Technology

The Business, Permits & Technology Division issues all public service permits, performs inspections of all issued permits and provides administrative support, budgeting and traffic advisories.

Property Management

The Property Management Division handles operates ad maintains all City-owned buildings as well as facilities and provides support for special events.

Fleet Services

The Fleet Services Division maintains the City's vehicles (ex. police cars, fire trucks, etc.) and heavy equipment.