LPD Training & Education

Cultural Diversity Training

  1. Implicit Bias
  2. Humane Policing
  3. Dynamics of officer/citizen encounters
  4. Cultural Diversity Training
    • Every new police officer that gets hired attends three (3) culture awareness training components in their first year:

    a)    Visit to the Jim Crow Museum Ferris State.  It’s narrated by the school as well 

    b)    Visit to the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills. 

    c)    Visit to the Arab-American Museum in Dearborn.


General Training                                                                                                                                                              

  • 47 CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Trained officers, as well as 4 officers who teach at CIT regularly.
  • Regionally based training with all of our Ingham County partners.
    • CDU (Civil Disturbance Unit)/MFF (Mobile Field Force) and AVI (Active Violence Incident) response are trained in opposite years.


  • The current Annual Training Series has been set up in the following manner the past 4 years:
    • FEB/MAR – All personnel attend a one-day lecture. The agenda varies depending upon the year, but officers always have consistent presentations on:
      • Legal updates from the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office
      • Legal updates from the Office of City Attorney
      • Human Resources presentation from the City’s HR department geared towards a specific diversity topic or population
    • SEPT/OCT – All personnel attend one day Range/Defensive Tactics, complete all required qualifications and take part in any decision-based exercises.


  • LPD facilitates on-duty training both at the firearms training range and in our office every cycle. Topics vary.