The City of Lansing defines "sustainability" as supporting and sustaining the mission of the City while providing city services that are economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

We are committed to creating and maintaining sustainable practices in all city services, plans, design and operations. To that end, we have just released our first Climate Action Plan for municipal operations. Goals of the plan include reducing the City's carbon impact, increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and looking at other areas that lead to long-term operational savings, all while protecting the environment.

Click here to view the complete Climate Action Plan for the City of Lansing.

Public Input Is Welcome!

While the plan is focused on city buildings and facilities, it is important to note that a community-wide Sustainability Action Plan is also in development to be released soon.

Click here to complete an online comment form if you are interested in providing feedback on the Climate Action Plan.

Mayor's Advisory Commission on Sustainability

If you are interested in providing valuable input on Lansing's sustainability efforts, please consider applying for the commission. 

The Mayor's Advisory Commission on Sustainability will:

  • Provide input on Lansing's Climate Action Plan and other sustainability plans
  • Be comprised of those who have the experience, education and/or passion that will help drive the sustainability efforts
  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and city sustainability staff