Landlord / Tenant Cases

Landlord/Tenant cases handle disputes between property owners and renters over the terms of rental agreements. Types of disputes include:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Remaining after lease expires
  • Health hazard or injury to premises
  • Land contract forfeitures and disputes
Resources for landlord/tenant cases can be found here:
 All of the forms referenced below are available online or from the State Court Administrative Office's website.

Serving a Tenant

Before coming to court, you must serve the tenant with a demand for possession or notice to quit.  Forms are available on the Landlord-Tenant forms page. 

Instructions for serving the defendant are included with the form.

Filing an Action with the Court

To file an action with the court, you will need the following documents:
  • Summons;
  • Complaint;
  • A copy of the Demand for Possession you served on the tenant, together with proof of service;
  • Lease or written agreement;
  • Number of copies per list below;
  • Filing fee.

Document Copies Required

Number of copies needed to file landlord/tenant case:

One Tenant

  • Summons (5-part form)
  • Complaint (4-part form)
  • Original Notice to Quit + 3 copies
  • 3 copies of lease or written agreement
  • 1 stamped envelope addressed to tenant

Two Tenants

  • Summons form + 2 additional copies of 2nd page
  • Complaint form + additional copies of the front page
  • Original Notice to Quit + 5 copies
  • 5 copies of lease or written agreement
  • 2 stamped envelopes, one addressed to tenant #1, the other to tenant #2
For each additional tenant, add two copies of everything + 1 envelope.