Election Worker Classes

Registration is required by clicking the link for the appropriate class. All training classes are held at the South Washington Office Complex Elections Unit at 2500 South Washington.

Please check your email or letter to determine which training to register for and attend. If you have any questions about election training, please contact Robin Stites at 517-483-6020 or by email.

  • Inspector Training - Required of all new Election Inspectors and those that have not had training in the past two years.  
  • Chair/Co-Chair Update - Required for all new and returning Chairs and Co-Chairs.  Recommended for Super Chairs.  
  • E-Poll Book Training - Required of all new E-Poll Book Inspectors and those that have not had E-Poll Book training in the past two years. Recommended for those needing a refresher in a classroom setting with an instructor.  
  • E-Poll Book Self-Guided Refresher - Recommended for those E-Poll Book Inspectors needing a refresher.  This session is self-guided and does not include an instructor.
  • Dual E-Poll Book Training - Required for all E-Poll Book Inspectors that are assigned a precinct with Dual E-Poll Books.  Recommended for all Chairs and Co-Chairs that are assigned a  precinct with Dual E-Poll Books.
  • Video On How to Get to the South Washington Elections Unit

Future Election Dates

Expect notification about 90 days prior to election to see if Election Inspectors are available. Please keep these dates on your calendar.

  • May 7, 2019:  Special Election
  • August 6, 2019:  City Non-Partisan Primary
  • November 5, 2019:  City Non-Partisan General Election