How Lansing Residents Can Make Their Homes More Energy-Efficient

Installing energy-efficient appliances in your home can have some hefty up-front costs, but we're here to help. Community programs in Lansing area helping homeowners upgrade their homes to be more sustainable and to lower their monthly energy bills.

BWL's Hometown Help Program

BWL is offering energy efficiency services to income qualified households, both to renters and homeowners. By going to, Lansing residents can sign up to get a Virtual Home Energy Assessment to see which free benefits they qualify for. This could include a custom energy-saving kit with LED lightbulbs, tips on how to save energy in daily household activities and water-saving measures for households with an electric water heater.

In addition to these free benefits to income-qualified households, BWL's Hometown Help program can help with the costs of new, energy-efficient air purifiers, refrigerators, room air conditioners, or dehumidifiers. 


Michigan Saves: Energy Upgrade Financing

Michigan Saves is a financing program implemented through Public Sector Consultants, which offers low-interest financing for residential and commercial building energy upgrades. Michigan Saves help families by reducing the stress of upfront costs for energy upgrades. After connecting you with a contractor, your home is assessed. At that time, you can discuss with your contractor which improvements would be the most effective for your home. Michigan Saves will also help connect you with their partner lenders who offer special financing for these projects. With low-interest financing and a lowered monthly energy bill, energy upgrades are easy and affordable through Michigan Saves.

Energy Star Rebates

Energy Star is a program that can help homeowners make more informed decisions about energy choices in their homes and provides resources to help get them started. Through the Energy Star website, homeowners can find tips on DIY projects to help lower their energy bills and find rebates for upgrading appliances.

Programs like these are helpful for reducing the upfront costs of energy upgrades, giving rebates for energy-efficient appliances and providing free or low-cost household energy use assessments. Making simple upgrades such as switching to LED lightbulbs, purchasing low energy washing and drying machines and getting a new HVAC unit are all ways to make your home greener and lower your monthly energy bill.


For more information on energy efficiency upgrades and other ways to reduce your monthly energy usage, please contact:

       1232 Haco Dr., Lansing | P: 800-573-3503

For more information about the City of Lansing's sustainability efforts, please contact:

       City Hall - 124 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing | P: 517-483-4599