Probation Department

A sentence to probation allows the defendant to live in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. The primary function of the Probation Department is to supervise probationers to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of the Court's order.

The maximum term of probation in district court is 2 years.

When Sentenced

If sentenced to probation, you should:

Other Ingham County Probation Departments

  • 54B District Court Probation
    E Lansing
    Phone: 517-351-7026
  • 55th District Court Probation
    Mason, MI
    Phone: 517-676-8422
  • 30th Circuit Court Probation (supervises felony offenders)
    303 W Kalamazoo
    Suite 90
    Lansing MI 48933
    Phone: 517-483-6100
  • Ingham County Family Court (supervises juveniles whose offense occurred in Ingham County)
    Lansing, MI
    Phone: 517-483-6105
  • Ingham County Parole Office (supervises adult offenders upon release from prison)
    Lansing, MI
    Phone: 517-334-8288