Sobriety Court

Mission Statement

To enhance the public safety and community welfare by reducing recidivism among alcohol offenders. The mission is accomplished through an interdisciplinary approach which includes intensive supervision, individualized treatment, and personal accountability through frequent judicial review. The program will effectively use court and community resources to support individuals in developing and maintaining a substance free lifestyle.

Program Overview

In 2005, the 54-A District Court implemented the Sobriety Court program in response to the serious community problem of drunk driving.

The program's multifaceted approach utilizes a team concept. It includes a fast-track system with routine team staffing, frequent interaction with a Judge, intensive supervision by the probation officers, intensive treatment, random drug screening, alcohol testing, community service and attendance at a MADD Victim Impact Panel.

Treatment consists of individualized assessment and treatment planning, individual and group counseling for substance abuse and other issues, 12 step meetings, home visits, education, life skills, parenting and employment issues.

Positive reinforcement is provided for performance in the program. Sanctions are imposed and therapeutic interventions made in response to non-compliance.


To be a candidate for Sobriety Court, you must:
  • have been arrested for a Felony OWI offense
  • have never participated in a specialty court program
  • have no other pending criminal pending criminal matters (including outstanding warrants)
  • have no prior violent convictions
  • live in the Greater Lansing Area