What Are We Looking For When We Inspect?

We are looking at the entire property. We walk around the exterior of the home, around the yard, and do a walk-through of the interior of the home and any outer buildings.

  1. All painted surfaces on the interior and exterior of the home, all outer buildings and fences must be smooth, with no cracking, peeling, chipping, or chalking paint. Painted surfaces must be in good condition. There cannot be any signs of deteriorated paint at the property. Window well troughs must be clean and free from paint dust. There cannot be any visible paint chips on the property.
  2. There is no trash, debris, or evidence of infestation.
  3. Dryer vent is of rigid metal, and vented to the exterior of the building. No accordion style vents.
  4. There do not appear to be any structural defects, or active leaks (foundation, roof, etc…)
  5. All switch and convenience outlet plates are in place, and in good condition.
  6. Handrails are in existence in all areas with three (3) or more steps, and are graspable.
  7. Guardrails exist and are in good condition at all surfaces 30-inches or more above surrounding surfaces, and are at least 36-inches in height. Spindles do not have more than 4-inches of space between them.
  8. Locks are present, and in working condition on all windows and exterior doors. There is no broken or missing glass. There are screens on all operable, non-fixed place, windows, and they are in good repair.
  9. Bathrooms have an operable window, or ventilation to exterior of building. Air exhausted by a mechanical ventilation system from a bathroom or toilet room shall discharge to the outdoors and shall not be re-circulated.
  10. Sleeping rooms have at least one operable window that provides ample egress.
  11. Smoke detectors are operable and present in each sleeping room; outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms; on each additional story of the dwelling, including basements and cellars.
  12. There are no holes in walls or ceilings that are larger than a U.S. quarter.
  13. Flooring does not present a trip hazard; have holes, or soft spots.
  14. Walls and floors of bathrooms, toilet rooms and kitchens shall be finished with nonabsorbent materials (no carpet).
  15. No leaking plumbing. Sink and bathtub stoppers work.
  16. Permanent light fixtures are operable, and have covers if designed to have covers.
  17. All light fixtures and electrical outlets are secure, and do not have exposed wires.
  18. All entrance doors shall be provided with an artificial light source located on the exterior of the structure, with the exception of service doors to a basement.
Lansing's Housing Code can be viewed online or a copy can be purchased from the City's Code Compliance Office 517-483-4361.