Design Lansing

Logo reading, "Design Lansing, Planning Lansing's Future Together!"
In the Design Lansing Comprehensive Plan (PDF), Lansing has united around a new vision – the vision that is supported by the Administration and adopted by the Planning Board and City Council.  That vision will not be realized, however, without the continued support of Lansing’s citizens. This community support is needed to ensure that: 
Design Lansing Comprehensive Plan Cover Page
  • The goals, objectives and policies of the plan are put into practice.
  • Functional plans, (e.g. corridor improvement plans, streetscape plans, the Consolidated Plan, the Parks and Recreation Plan, etc.) support the comprehensive plan.
  • Regulatory realignment is implemented to reflect new realities and the new vision. Placemaking, quality and community appearance are key elements of Lansing’s future success.
  • The plan is updated regularly, with a course correction every five years as required by law.
The Plan encourages both collaboration and individual action. Collaboration is essential to achieve win-win solutions that benefit the community and the region. Yet each individual has an important role in the Plan. Every façade restored, every house rehabbed, every yard landscaped and every work of public art contributes to the sense of place so crucial to Lansing’s future success. Champions are also needed to advocate for plan recommendations in every arena.

We thank you again for your participation in the master plan process.

Comprehensive Plan Maps & Documents