Types of Signs

What types of signs are there?

There are many different types of signs with various shapes, locations and messages, but they can generally be grouped in the following types:

Ground Pole Signs

A ground pole sign is a sign which is supported by one or more poles, uprights or braces in or upon the ground, which are not a part of a building.

Wall Signs

A wall sign is a sign which is attached to, and/or affixed to, the face of a building or structure. A wall sign can not extend more than 24" from the face of the exterior wall to which it is attached.

Temporary Signs

A temporary sign is a sign, banner, inflatable or other advertising device constructed of wood, cloth, canvas, fabric or other light material, with or without a structural frame, intended for a limited period of display, including decorative displays for holidays or public demonstrations. A mobile temporary sign is a sign supported on a mobile frame, with or without wheels, and includes the "trailer sign."

Directional Signs

A directional sign is an on-premise sign containing noncommercial messages, including, but not limited to, designation of rest rooms, telephone locations, restrictions on smoking and door openings. A directional sign may also be used for private traffic control.

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