Prohibited Signs

Are there any types of signs that are prohibited?

Signs not specifically permitted by the Ordinance are prohibited. Prohibited signs would include:
  • Abandoned signs
  • Animated signs
  • Balloons, large inflated animals or other objects used as signs
  • Banner signs extending over the right of way without specific permission from the City
  • Pennants, streamers, spinners and strings of lights except "holiday" decorations
  • Roof signs (except mansard signs which are regulated as wall signs)
  • Signs that are unlawfully installed or erected
  • Signs that are unsafe
  • Signs that use the words "stop," "look," "danger," or any other words or symbols that could mislead or confuse motorists
  • Signs that obstruct or impair openings used for fire escape
  • Signs attached to trees, utility poles, standpipes or gutter drains
  • Signs that contain obscene matter
  • Signs that contain flashing, blinking, moving or exposed incandescent lights (except moving message boards)
  • Signs that are attached to a building and project above the parapet or roof line
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