Darius B. Moon House, 216 Huron Street

Darius B. Moon House, 216 Huron Street (formerly 116 South Logan Street) was built in 1894. This elaborate Victorian Eastlake-style house was designed and built, as well as occupied by, Lansing's major 19th-century architect, Darius B. Moon. Moon built most of the elaborate homes of Lansing's leading citizens from the 1880s through the early decades of the 20th century. This house, one of the most complex in terms of wood carvings, towers, cupolas and porches, was the architects own house, built in 1894. In later years this house was used as apartments and a major fire in the upper floors forced its boarding up in recent times. (Source-memorandum "76 Historic Lansing page 19)

The Darius B. Moon House was originally located at 116 Logan Street (now Martin Luther King Boulevard). It was going to be demolished in the 1970s, but community efforts to save it resulted in it being moved three blocks, to 216 Huron. It remains a private residence (a detached three-car garage on site is a non-contributing structure that only dates from 1979).

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