Site Plan Review

Site Review Application Runoff Design Manual Site Review Fees

TO: Design Professionals

FROM: Brian McGrain, Director
Department of Economic Development and Planning

RE: City of Lansing Site Plan Review Process

The City of Lansing has implemented a site plan review process to serve you better. This page contains the basic information you will need in order to facilitate a more efficient review of site plans that you may need to submit. Follow the links below to get the forms required.

A site plan can be simply defined as a graphic representation of all of the existing and proposed characteristics of a parcel or parcels of land.

The purpose of the site plan review process is to determine compliance of a proposed development with applicable City of Lansing ordinances in a concise, efficient manner. Development review and building permit applications have often been delayed because plans are submitted without site plans or with site plans inadequately prepared.

Site plans are required by the City of Lansing any time construction will result in a new structure or intensification of land use. This can occur when new structures are built, when the use of an existing building changes, or when improvements are made to vacant land or land surrounding a building.

The review of site plans may need to determine:
  1. Traffic movements, both within a site and in relation to access streets.
  2. Relationships between buildings, structures and uses within a site, along with the public right-of-way, and within adjacent sites.
  3. Storm drainage, erosion, landscaping, lighting, parking, et cetera.
Consequently, the City of Lansing has provided the Site Plan Review Application (PDF), Stormwater Runoff Policies Manual [PDF], Stormwater Runoff Design Manual [PDF], and site plan checklist (located on the application. By submitting 9 copies of a site plan that contains the information listed on the Site Plan Review Application checklist and the Runoff Detention Worksheet, we can provide a prompt response to your construction proposal. One (1) copy of the site plan must be signed and sealed. Submission of Site Plans, Site Plan Review Application, and Runoff Detention Worksheet should be made to Ms. Susan Stachowiak, Zoning Administrator, Planning Office, 316 North Capitol Avenue, Suite D-1, Lansing, MI 48933. Site plan review fees, payable to "City of Lansing" should be included with the submission.

Following a review of the site plan by all necessary agencies, a site plan review report will be provided to the applicant. The report will guide the applicant in any necessary modifications to the site plan and/or allow for the issuance of any necessary permits.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call Ms. Susan Stachowiak, Zoning Administrator, at 517-483-4085 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.