Property Tax Abatements

If your property falls within a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) or a Renaissance Zone you may qualify for reduced property tax.

Neighborhood Enterprise Zones

Public Act 147 of 1992, as amended and authorized by the State of Michigan, allows specific local governments to enact Neighborhood Enterprise Zones (NEZs). The City of Lansing has approved the designation of NEZ areas within the City as Neighborhood Enterprise Zones (NEZs). The purpose of establishing NEZs in Lansing is to promote home ownership and investment in areas where the greatest impact would occur and where such improvements may trigger additional investment in adjacent neighborhoods. The benefit of the NEZ Program to property owners in these areas results in lower property taxes.

For more information including eligibility requirements download the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (PDF).

To find out where Lansing's Neighborhood Enterprise Zones are download the Lansing's NEZ Map (PDF) or the textual Lansing's NEZ's Boundaries Description (PDF) files.

Renaissance Zones

Renaissance Zones were created by the State of Michigan under Public Act 376 of 1996 in order to stimulate economic growth in certain urban communities. The Renaissance Zone designation exempts properties within its boundaries from all operating millage for up to 15 years.  This reduction in taxes is designed to assist developers and home buyers in an area by making it more affordable to improve their properties.

The City of Lansing currently has two Renaissance Zones, the Knapps Center and Ottawa Station.
If you have any further questions, please contact the Assessing Office at 517-483-4020.

For additional information on PA 376 of 1996, please visit .