When Your Taxes Increase

Why did my taxes go up so much this year?

There are several factors that affect your tax rate:
  1. Your property's taxable value. The Taxable Value of a property is adjusted each year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and other factors. An increase in taxable value will result in an increase in your taxes.
  2. A millage increase. Your tax bill includes City taxes, County taxes and school taxes. Since your tax rate is based on your home's Taxable Value multiplied times the millage rate, a millage increase will cause your taxes to go up.
  3. You purchased a new home. Proposal A, which was passed in 1994, places an annual cap on the growth of property tax assessments; however, when the home is sold, the cap comes off and the assessment reverts to the State Equalized Value (SEV).
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