Noise Waiver/Street Closure

Advertising for Neighborhood Events

An event that is localized, and intended for the immediate residents residing on the impacted streets, is considered a “neighborhood event.” Advertising for a neighborhood event is usually limited to flyers distributed in the neighborhood of the event, newsletter notice, posters, email or announcement at a Neighborhood Association meeting.

Note: Mass advertising that uses the internet, Facebook, websites, etc. may disqualify an event as a neighborhood event.

In the case of a neighborhood event, the organizer/applicant must complete a local street/block closure and noise waiver request (PDF) for the event.

Download the local street/block closure and noise waiver request and submit the completed application to:
Department of Economic Development and Planning
Office of the Director
316 N Capitol Avenue
Suite D-1
Lansing, MI 48933

The department must receive the completed request at least 3 weeks before the event takes place. Submitted applications do not guarantee your event will be approved.

Other Events

All other events designed to bring an audience or participation that extends beyond the residents of a particular neighborhood will most likely be handled through the broader Special Event Permit Application (PDF) (SEPA) process.