Require a Road Closure

The City of Lansing reviews requests for road closures based on event type. Road closures are categorized as either a special event which is open to the public or neighborhood events which are reserved for neighborhood residents and their guests only.

Special events are reviewed by roadway requested. Certain roads located within the city are under Michigan Department of Transportation jurisdiction and require approval through MDOT prior to holding an event. To speed the approval process the City has approved 2 event routes. One route can accommodate a parade and the other route can accommodate a 5k run/walk. Both approved routes are offered at a $1,500 fee. This fee includes the permit fee for closure of public right of way, traffic control plan as well as traffic control barricading material. Should you chose a different route select "other" on page one. Choosing an unapproved route will result in fees for right of way, traffic control plan, and barricading at a minimum.

Neighborhood Events

The City does not allow neighborhood events to be held on major streets. If you are unsure the road you wish to hold the event on is not a major roadway please contact 517-483-4455.

If you wish to apply for a neighborhood event, download and deliver the application to the Department of Economic Development and Planning. Prior to approval of your application the city will require submittal of the street closure petition and any additional forms directed by the City.

Special Event Permit Application

Download and submit the Special Event Permit Application (PDF) to apply for a special event permit.

By submitting your request does not guarantee your event will be approved. All requests are subject to event day availability.