Serve Liquor or Beer

Requirements to Serve Liquor or Beer

If you plan on serving liquor or beer as a part of your event, You must fill out a City of Lansing Application for City Approval of Beer/Wine sales in City Parks (PDF). In addition, you need apply for a Michigan Liquor Control Commission Application for special License for Sale of Beer and Wine. A copy of this license will be given to the City.

You must also supply the City a site map indicating where the alcohol sales will take place and proof that you have acquired the necessary insurance.

If the sales are on a street (truck lines), the State of Michigan requires proof that the sale has been approved by the City with a copy of the approved Lansing Application for City Approval of Beer/Wine Sale.

Special Event Permit Application

Download and submit the Special Event Permit Application (PDF) to apply for a special event permit.

By submitting your request does not guarantee your event will be approved. All requests are subject to event day availability.