Noise Ordinance Violations

How do I report a Noise Ordinance violation?

Contact the Lansing Police Department (LPD).
  • There are two types of Noise Ordinance violations in the City: Residential (Ord. 654.07) and Vehicular (654.07).
  • The laws are different for each, and have different methods of reporting.
  • The table below spells out these differences.

Residential Noise Ordinance 654.07

Violation Standard
How to Report a Suspected Violation
Excessive noise that can be heard across the property line
Contact the LPD. An officer goes to the property to hear the noise and fills out an police report.
File a complaint with the Office of the City Attorney. Take detailed notes of the incident. Have a second (corroborating) witness of incident. If possible, record video of the incident clearly showing your location and location and level of sound of noise.

Vehicular Noise Ordinance 654.05

Violation Standard
How to Report a Suspected Violation
Music or noise so loud that the person in the next car can feel the vehicle shake
If an LPD officer witness the violation, the officer can write a ticket.
Individuals may not file complaints for this type of violation.

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