Employer Withholding

Similar to other Michigan cities, Lansing has adopted the Michigan Uniform City Income Tax Act. Employers conducting business in Lansing must withhold Lansing city income taxes for employees who work or live in the City. In addition to withholding requirements, Lansing has an income tax for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and sole proprietorships.

Lansing has an online withholding system that allows you, the employer, more control and access to your withholding data.

Form Description
Guide (PDF) Instructions and Information regarding Income Tax Withholding for the City of Lansing
Withholding Table (PDF) Pre-Calculated Withholding Amounts
W2 E-Filing (PDF) Electronic W2 Reporting and Instructions
L-SS4 (PDF) Employer's Withholding Registration
L-941Q Employer's Quarterly Deposit Coupon for Income Tax Withheld
L-941M Employer's Monthly Deposit Coupon for Income Tax Withheld
LW-3 Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld
L-6-IT (PDF) Notice of Change or Discontinuance
LW-4 (PDF) Employee's Withholding Certificate