Cold Case Unit

The Lansing Police Department Cold Case Unit is composed of a single investigator working in conjunction with other community partners. The mission of the Cold Case Unit is to investigate unsolved homicides through collaborative strategies that embrace new technologies and community policing partnerships.
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Cold Cases

Homicide cases that have not been solved within 1 year of the date of offense are considered cold. Recent advancements in DNA technology and other forensic techniques have enabled law enforcement agencies to reopen unsolved cases. The Cold Case Investigator is responsible for reviewing cold cases and completing the following related tasks; inventorying evidence, seeking information from previously assigned investigators and re-interviewing witnesses and suspects when necessary. Upon the systematic review of a cold case, the investigator will establish a solvability rating which will be used to estimate resources needed to strategically assemble and deploy resources to increase success probability.

Cold case investigation is a difficult process of which the assigned investigator must establish a host of partnerships to find new and viable leads to ultimately solve and prosecute a cold case.

While the voices of homicide victims may remain silent, the Cold Case Unit serves as an advocate for victims.

The Cold Case Unit's primary mission is to bring peace to the family and friends of those that were tragically killed. The unit understands that there may be a resurgence of grief upon learning that a loved one's case has been re-opened. As a result, the cold case investigator may enlist the support of our Victim Advocates upon making the decision to reactivate a case. Working in partnership with our victim advocates is a goal of the Cold Case Unit so as to minimize the re-victimization of a family.


The Cold Case Unit recognizes the importance of solving cold cases and bringing those accountable for those crimes to justice. As a result, the Lansing Police Department encourages all persons that may have information about an unsolved Lansing homicide to contact our department as soon as possible.