Investigations Division

Investigations Contact Information & Numbers

The Investigations Division continually strives to enhance criminal investigation by implementing, proactive, creative and innovative strategies. The Investigations Division promotes investigatory techniques that are based on leading best practices and supported by empirical research. Our employees are true professionals that are committed to the forging of new community partnerships and strategies that effectively respond to crime and quality of life issues.

The Investigations Division supports the Department's efforts of crime prevention, investigation, problem solving and strategic planning efforts through the following specialized units: Homicide, Cold Case Homicide, Crimes against Persons, Child Abuse, Property and Auto Theft, Fraud, Special Operations (undercover unit – Violent Crime Initiative), Criminal Intelligence and Analysis, Crime Scene Investigations, Dive Team, Special Tactical and Rescue Team.

The Investigation Division continuously aims to be more innovative and proactive in its response to crime. In our efforts, employees demonstrate humane and empathetic treatment to community members while exemplifying the concepts of honor, integrity and commitment.

Violent Crime Initiative

The outstanding under cover work of our Special Operations Section assisted in the creation and implementation of a regional violent crime control effort, synonymously named the Violent Crime Initiative (VCI). The VCI seeks to enhance investigatory initiatives that focus primarily on violence, drugs and guns in our communities. The VCI embraces a host of partnerships (local, State and federal) in order to bring our most dangerous felons to justice.

Cold Cases

While the voices of homicide victims may remain silent our Cold Case Homicide Unit serves as a community advocate. The unit's chief mission is to bring a sense of closure to the family and friends of those tragically killed. The unit enjoins collaborative police strategies which embrace new technologies and strategies in order to solve and prosecute homicide cases.