K-9 Unit

The Lansing Police Department Canine Unit was formed in 1985 with three teams. Today we have five working teams and is one of the largest Canine Unit Programs in the State of Michigan. Canines are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, assigned to every shift.

Each K-9 team is a locating tool, that is cross trained in utility work and scent work. Each canine is a German Shepherd, trained in obedience, tracking, handler protection, building searches, locating weapons and evidence. Each Canine Team is trained as either a Narcotic or Explosive Canine. The department has three narcotic canines and two explosive dogs. In addition, one of the canines is a Tactical Canine assigned to the START Team. The Canine Unit also performs Canine Demonstrations for the schools and public.

To schedule a Canine Demonstration