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Together we can make a difference! For every 1000 tons of recyclables that the City collects:
  • 14,903 trees are saved
  • 6,404,606 gallons of water are saved
  • 408,412 gallons of gasoline are saved
  • 2,856 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions are saved

Recycling Collection Day Schedule

Read important safety information regarding the Proper Disposal of SHARPS (PDF).

Curbside Recycling Program

  • The curbside recycling (and yard waste) collection services are funded by an annual fee ($110.00) assessed to each single family property owner in the City of Lansing.  There are no additional fees for the biweekly recycling collection and unlimited weekly yard waste collection (seasonal). 
  • Recycling is “single stream," which means no sorting is required, all materials go into the same cart and many more materials are accepted!
  • If you are in need of a recycling cart, please call 517-483-4400 or email us.
  • Recyclables should be at the curbside no later than 7 AM on collection day.  If missed due to being set out late, you will need to wait until your next recycle service day.
  • If you have extra materials that won't fit inside the cart, please use a cardboard box or paper bag to hold them, we will happily take them when placed next to the recycling cart.
  • Please promptly remove carts from curb after collection day.
See a list of Acceptable Recycling Items (PDF).