Cards & Letters

Sincere notes from people who didn't need to say anything.

Generally people call the fire department when things are at their worst. We meet people when they are in crisis: an injury, severe medical problem, or everything they own might be threatened by fire. We don't do what we do for the thank you. In fact, it can take a while for people to process the "what just happened" of an event. Occasionally we receive a note or a card. It is nice to hear from people (in calmer times) how much our jobs can affect them.

Our reply is "You're more than welcome!"



My boss and I happened to be pulling out of Ingham County Human Services building when this incident began. We immediately pulled over and called 911 while attempting to assist in any way we could. I hope I was able to provide plenty of information to the call taker and dispatcher. The firefighters and police officers that responded (very quickly) to the scene were a great group of people. My boss, who is originally from Flint and is a former flight medic for survival flight was astounded at how great Lansing Firefighters and Police Officers are at jumping right in, knowing what needs to be done and simply doing it with very little direction or communication. They were like a well oiled well maintained machine.

The immediate care of the first patient and rescue of the second was astonishing. It was also amazing how the first officer on scene was quickly able to gain control of the by standers and move them to an area out of the way of the rescue personnel. We assisted where we could in keeping people back, reporting the incident, clearing a path for fire to get in and keeping the first patient as calm as we could. To have fire rescue on scene that quickly and turn around to find the road completely shut down for the safety of fire rescue crews was all an amazing sight.

From our point of view, job very well done by all the staff on scene! Thank you for providing such a top notch service to the city!

Dan Lalone

Teachout Security