Honor Guard


The Lansing Fire Department IAFF Local 421 Honor Guard is made up of dedicated firefighters, who demonstrate their dedication to the fire service through pride, honor, and professionalism. They are dedicated to honoring all who serve or have served our noble profession. Although honoring our fallen members is our top priority, Honor Guard members are frequently called upon to represent the fire department in government functions, memorials, and other public events. Our Honor Guard team is well respected around the state and is frequently requested to participate in other events, including other jurisdictions to pay respect to our brothers and sisters who have fallen in the line of duty (LODD).
An honor guard holding an American flag over a casket.


The Honor Guard is a dedicated group of individuals. An Honor Guard member must be willing to dedicate their time to represent those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to save life and property, as well as proudly represent the City of Lansing Department. To be an Honor Guard member, the firefighter must show dedication, patience, hard work ethic and excellent military bearing. Firefighters are not appointed to this position, they volunteer to be members. All members freely give their time they spend representing on the honor guard. During a time of need, members take time out of their personal lives to show compassion, honor, respect, and admiration.


The dress uniform is intended to be an example of the respect, honor and dedication of all Lansing firefighters past and present. A guard uniform shows no rank. Honor does not know rank and respect is universal. Once dressed in this uniform, the member is given a role in an event that shows pure respect to families that are in a state of mourning or to show respect to the Colors when an event requires it.
A close-up of a firefighter dress uniform.

Active Members

There are currently ten members in the Honor Guard:
  • A. Buttel
  • A. Ruff
  • E. Haueter
  • H. Villegas
  • J. Epling
  • J. Stevens
  • K. Greer
  • M. Anderson
  • M. Baker
  • Q. Le
  • S. Norris
  • T. Epling