Online Crime Reporting

Lansing Police Department's online crime reporting system offers Lansing citizens another way to report specific, non-emergency crimes that do not require an immediate police response. If you have an emergency or require immediate police response, call 911.
Report A Crime
Certain criteria must be met for the use of the online crime reporting system:
  • The incident must be non-emergency (does not require immediate police response)
  • The reporting party must be at least 17 years of age.
  • No known suspect(s) or evidence.
  • Not involve firearms/weapons.
  • Not traffic crash-related.
Crimes that are eligible for reporting online include:
  • Larceny, malicious destruction of property (MDOP), and retail fraud with no suspect or evidence, where the value is under $1,000 and no law
  • Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) entry is required
  • Attempted Breaking and Entering (B&E) of unoccupied buildings, including garages and unoccupied residence or foreclosed houses
  • Identification thefts when the victim was not financially harmed or the financial institution has reimbursed the victim for monetary loss
  • Frauds or unauthorized credit card use when the venue of the crime is outside the City of Lansing
  • Harassing communication
  • Lost property
As with all crime reports received by telephone or in-person, reports filed through the online system will be reviewed by an Investigations Division command officer and assigned to investigative or patrol personnel for appropriate follow-up.
Online Crime Reporting