Why Work for Lansing

The City of Lansing is located in the heart of Michigan, the Capitol. The City hosts the seat of government, a thriving economy, areas of culture and entertainment, manufacturing, major educational institutions and a centrally located city to major areas of interest. Above all of this, Lansing is a city that welcomes all into the fun and activity full of diverse people.

The City of Lansing offers many benefits to the employees and it is also a great place to live. Come visit us and you may want to stay! Great opportunities can be found at the City of Lansing.

Local Cities, Culture & Activities

As you peruse the scenic routes, Lansing is 90 miles to Detroit, 220 miles to Chicago, and 215 miles from Mackinac Island.

The diverse culture, music, food, and educational institutions are reasons we draw more than 150,000 people daily to our city.

Our nature trails, parks, golf courses, city market, museums and educational institutions as well as summer events such as Common Ground are included in the attractions people enjoy in our city.