Water & Pool Safety for Children

The Consumers Product Safety Commission calls drowning a "silent killer." People think when a child goes in the water they might hear them. Often they sink without a sound. A large number of deaths occur when the parents or babysitters are home but it is not swim time. The simplest of suggestions is to have a barrier all the way around the pool and have an audible alarm on doors exiting to the pool area. To go along with that always remember if you can't find a child, check the pool first! Time is critical.

In-Home Drowning Concerns

CPSC Warns: Pools Are Not the Only Drowning Danger at Home for Kids - Data Show Other Hazards Cause More than 100 Residential Child Drowning Deaths Annually.

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Pool Drowning Concerns

CPSC Urges Pool Owners to Take Precautions to Prevent Drownings - More than 375 children under 5 years old drown in pools each year.

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Interactive Safety Quiz

Drowning stats are highest in June, July and August. Those are the three hottest months nationally. Imagine how much of a problem this is in areas that are hot year round. Phoenix Fire Department lives this hazard. In hopes of eliminating some of those deaths they created a charitable organization called Just a Few Seconds. It is devoted to education of child drowning hazards. Please check out this excellent site and take the easy one minute quiz. Parents, baby sitters, grandparents, and other quizzes are offered.