Crime on the Street

People think they will come up with the right response when confronted by a criminal. But that doesn't happen in real life. Panic sets in, and most people react emotionally, not rationally. Unless you have made survival decisions ahead of time, odds are you will be paralyzed with fear and unable to respond in a way that will help you. Think about yourself as a crime victim. Visualize how you should react.

Best Response

Be the most willing, compliant victim the robber has had all day. Give him/her everything immediately-your wallet, watch, car keys, etc. Then immediately bolt and run. If you can't run because you're concerned or restrained-scream, yell, make as much noise as possible. Screaming attracts attention and helps block out everything else and focuses you on what must be done. Don't plead or beg.

Important: Stay in Public View if Possible

Most crimes start in public or semi-public places. While you may be injured if you run or resist, it's better to be injured in a public place than in an isolated area that is hard to see from the public areas. The worst crimes occur when the victim is moved to a second location.

If a predator has a gun and you are not under his physical control, always run! The predator will only hit you (a running target) 4 in 100 times. And even then, it most likely will not be a vital organ.