Get Money

Are you working but still not earning enough to make ends meet? You can call 517-483-4550 today to make a free appointment with a Financial Empowerment Center counselor who can help you learn about ways to increase your income. Below are several ways to get money.

Tax Credits

At the end of the year, the government may owe you money in tax credits. Our partner agency, Asset Independence Coalition, is here to help you make sure you get them all! If your household income is below $57,000, you can prepare your own taxes and e-file them for free at My Free Taxes. Or, if you need assistance filing your taxes and your household income is $51,000 or less, call 211 (or 866-561-2500) for an appointment to have them prepared and e-filed at no cost to you. You can file or amend tax returns for the last 3 years - so if you did not file, or feel you may not have received all of the credits you are eligible for, this can be a great way to put a little money back in your pocket! Visit the Asset Independence Coalition for more information. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one of the largest tax credits available to low-to-moderate income households. Learn what you need to know about the EITC in 3 minutes by watching the Earned Income Tax Credit video.

Public Benefits

Learn about government benefits for which you might be eligible, including food assistance programs, cash assistance, child care, medical, home and burial, and more. You can apply for benefits online using MIBridges. Need help with your application? Capital Area Community Services at 517-393-7077 and Northwest Initiative at 517-999-2894 are 2 locations in Lansing where you can get help with this.

Small Business

Make money from your hobby! Do you make or do something that others would be willing to pay for? Have you ever considered selling your goods or services to supplement your income? You may even be eligible for a loan to get your small business off the ground. Visit the Entrepreneur Institute of Mid-Michigan for more information. The Microenterprise Network of Michigan also offers a variety of resources to those looking to start or grow a small business.