Save Money

Saving money now enables you to pay for things that may come up in the future. Call 517-483-4550 to make an appointment with a Financial Empowerment Center counselor who can help you find ways to increase your savings, at no cost to you!

Bank Account

A safe and affordable bank account is an important part of successful saving. If you do not have a bank account, you are probably spending about $800 per year just to cash your checks! If you do not currently possess a savings account and want one, call 517-483-4550 to make an appointment with a financial counselor to help you chose the perfect one for you!

Add Savings to Your Budget & Make it a Habit

To be a successful saver, the process must be automatic. Adding the amount you plan to save each month to your budget means treating your savings like a bill (but you get to pay the future you!). If you use direct deposit, you may be able to have the deposit split, putting some into your savings account and the rest into your checking account. If you do not use direct deposit, see if your bank or credit union allows for online or phone transfer of funds from one account to the other. If the money you've set aside as savings never hits your checking account, you'll be much more likely to avoid the temptation to spend it – or to do so accidentally.

Write Down Your Savings Goals, & Share Them With Someone

Sometimes just putting pencil to paper makes us more committed. Write down your savings goals. To take it a step further, share them with someone you trust. Having someone ask you how close you are to the goal each time they see you can provide powerful motivation!