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Money Power S3E6

Money Power explores preserving food with the Greater Lansing Food Bank, College Savings Accounts (CSAs) for kindergarteners with Lansing SAVE, employment opportunities through the City's Parks and Recreation Department, and a client testimonial.

Money Power S3E5

This week, we celebrate our clients who have been inducted into the Mayor's Money Masters Club, ways to save money through community gardens, how to receive money to improve your home, and a client testimonial of why the Financial Empowerment Center means so much to her.

Money Power: Our Voices Matter, Part III (S3E4)

In this special edition of Money Power, you will meet a group of Lansing Financial Empowerment Center clients and Michigan State University students who joined their voices on a writing and performance project.

Money Power Presents: "Spent", the Movie (S3E3)

In support of DollarWise Month, this episode of Money Power is a showing of "Spent: Looking for Change". Spent is part of the DollarWise effort to help residents understand the perils of payday lending. It's narrator, Jonathan Mintz, is President and CEO of the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, who have generously support the Lansing Financial Empowerment Center since 2013. We are pleased to be able to present it to you.

Money Power S3E2

If you're looking for a job, worried about financial scams on older adults, or wondering about the ins and outs of bankruptcy, this episode of Money Power is for you! You'll also hear from one of our clients about their personal experience with the Center.

Money Power S3E1

Even if you're on a budget, there are still ways to engage in art, start creating a business plan, and develop a process for financial planning. We hear from REACH Art Studio, the Entrepreneur Institute, the Director of the Office of Financial Empowerment, as well real experiences from a client, to help us get started!

Money Power - Special Episode - S2E6

On a special episode of Money Power, a partnership between the Financial Empowerment Center and students at Michigan State University present, "Our Voices Matter - The Civic Power of Poetry" for a second successful performance.

Money Power S2E5

Tips on the difference between a job and career, the hidden free resources at the library, student loans, and a client testimonial are discussed in this episode!

Money Power S2E4

The art of garage sales, student loans, staying fit on a budget, and a client of the Financial Empowerment Center shares their experience!

Money Power S2E3

Homeownership can be affordable, your debt can be managed, and if you are a veteran, many services are available to you - Check out this episode to learn more!

Money Power S2E2

On a special episode of Money Power, a partnership between the Financial Empowerment Center and students at Michigan State University present, "Our Voices Matter - The Civic Power of Poetry".

Money Power S2E1

Saving money can take many forms. Money Power explores the strategies of being an online seller and thrift shopping, as well as suggestions for smarter banking from FlagStar and the City of Lansing's Treasurer.

Money Power S1E6

Money Power takes a look at the Letts Craft Fair, Debt Paydown, and Auto Loans.

Money Power S1E5

When you have money to save and want to plan for your future, this episode explores how and what to invest your money in, the financial planning process, and why your credit score is important in that process.

Money Power S1E4

In this episode of money we discuss how to make and save money using consignment, taking advantage of employer-sponsored FSA's and how to avoid the pitfalls of Payday Advance Lenders.

Money Power S1E3

In the third installment of Money Power, we take a look at getting help with your food expenses by utilizing distribution networks, inexpensive ways to reduce your utility bills by increasing home efficiency, and how to create a budget.

Money Power S1E2

A show devoted to helping people achieve financial well-being. This month's episode focuses on how to take advantage of local farmers markets, how to track expenses using spending logs, and the benefits of utilizing the volunteer income tax assistance program.

Money Power S1E1

The initial episode of Money Power - a show that discusses ways people can maximize their financial potential. The first episode covers how people might qualify for public benefits, how to save money using coupons, and how to open a basic bank account.