Flood or Flash Flood

Flooding from streams or rivers resulting from rain, snow-melt, ice, extreme rain, etc., or flash flooding from intense rainfall, that damages homes or businesses.

  • Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. You can get flood insurance through your regular insurance agent, even if you don’t live in the floodplain.
  • Lansing’s most recent floods have been flash floods outside of the floodplain.
  • On average, there has been a riverine flood that damaged homes and businesses every thirteen years since Lansing was settled.


There are about 2,000 homes and 200 businesses in the floodplain in the city. Only about 20% of those currently have flood insurance.


Flood mitigation is a priority for the City of Lansing. The city is in the process of developing a comprehensive plan to encourage acquisition or flood-proofing of all structures in the floodplain. The City is also looking at ways to reduce stormwater runoff using green infrastructure and by restoring areas near the river to a natural state.

More Information

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