A rapid accumulation of snow (14 or more inches in a 48 hour period) often accompanied by high winds, cold temperatures and low visibility.

  • Snowstorms are defined by the amount of snow and the rate at which it accumulates. Local meteorologists define a serious event to be an accumulation of 6 or more inches in 12 hours.
  • The National Weather Service defines a blizzard as winds over 35 mph with snow and blowing snow reducing visibility to near zero for an extended period of time (greater than three hours).
  • Impacts of snow include impacts of transportation, including road closures, hazardous travel, and difficulty accessing sites such as bus stops. They may also include roof collapse, and damage to trees and overhead wires.


Snow events have the potential to affect vulnerable individuals more than the general public. Deep snow accumulation can be a problem for those with mobility issues or those who depend on outside assistance on a regular basis. Tri-County Office on Aging gives extra meals to their Meals on Wheels clients that can be stored for times when drivers are unable to deliver due to the weather.